• Individual - are you feeling that things don't work the same, and you just need to change something in your life? Do you have relationship struggles? Perhaps, you really need to explore your past/baggage not to make mistakes in the future? Are you going through a personal crisis or a life transition? Or, do you need to learn more adaptive skills to deal better with life stressors?
  • While individuals seek counseling for various reasons, they almost always gain more awareness about selves,the way they relate to others, and learn what needs to change to achieve own happiness.                                 

  • Couples​ -   Are you feeling disconnected from each other, and need to redefine your relationship? Do you need help with conflict resolution and learning new skills to relate better? Are you going through a difficult transition in life, and need help to better navigate through it? Are you struggling sexually? Has there been an affair, and you need help to heal from it? Do you need to address parenting issues?
  • Couples may come in to treatment for different reasons, but my goal is, always, to evolve their level of communication, connection, and intimacy. While I like working with couples in various modalities, I am always concentrating on providing clients with new skills they can use right away to be more successful in their relationships.  

  • Children - I love working with children in my practice, using a wide variety of techniques and modules, like art and play therapy, making therapy accessible for their developing minds. I believe in providing kids and teenagers with vital skills of communication, relaxation, social interaction, emotion regulation, and mindfulness. 

  • Family - ​Working with a particular dyad or a whole family can be very effective when it comes to certain conflicts, traumas, or life transitions. Family structure is a complicated living system that is governed by specific rules and mechanisms. That is why working with a whole system can bring about real change, sometimes, in a shorter period of time. 

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