Are you tired of constant dieting and negative judgement of your body? Are you preoccupied with thinking how you should look, the calories that go in and out? Are you wondering if it is possible to live in peace with your body, food, and exercise? Are you wondering if it is possible to like..., love..., and enjoy your body?!

Absolutely! No matter how big or small the damage is, the harmony with your body, food and exercise is possible and achievable!

Through this specific work, I help people with:

  • Body image Issues
  • Emotional Eating
  • Chronic Dieting
  • Overexercising
  • Disordered eating and/or exercise
  • Inability to maintain a healthy weight
  • Negative self-talk and self-loathing
  • Self-sabotage​ 

A very strong part of my practice consists of helping men and women struggling with such eating disorders as:

  • Anorexia
  • Bulimia
  • Over-exercise addiction
  • Emotional overeating
  • and others

When dealing with eating disorders, I like to work together in a team with MD and nutritionist, to ensure the most cohesive care.

Elena Rybko, MA,MFT

Individual, Couples, Children and Family Psychotherapy

Tel: 805-206-9155

​5655 Lindero Canyon Rd, Suite 726, Westlake Village,CA

​Healing the relationship with your body

​Eating Disorders

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